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You can submit electronically your order form and pay (1) Online, by (2) money order or (2) Western Union.
  • Package A - Up to 10 contacts: $29.00
  • Package C - Up to 60 contacts: $69.00.
  • Package D - Up to 200 contacts: $99.00
  • Package E - Feature Girls: $35.00 (per contact)
  • Package F - Personnalized Service (Hourly): $100.00 (Per Hour)
1.   Pay online with Paypal :
Payment Options
2.   Order processing :
All orders will be "email" to clients. The Agency does not "shipped" mail-order by mail. Before you decide to use our services, you must therefore have a valid email address.

To order under the options listed below:
  • fill the order form;
  • submit your order electronically;
  • print it out and mail it to us with your Money Order payment.
3.   Payment by Money Order :

Your money order should be payable to Globo Exchange

  • We will send your order by email the day we receive it.
  • Send your payment by registered mail.
  • Your Money Order shall be made payable OUTSIDE THE USA.
4.   Payment by Western Union :

  • We will send your order by email the day we receive it.
  • Email your order form to us.
  • This is a relatively fast method of payment.
  • You must contact us for details before using this payment option.
5.   Payment by personal check :

Payments by personal checks are not accepted.
6.   Payment by Cash :
  • This method of payment is not recommended.
  • Sending money by mail is risky. Your money could be stolen with no remedy of recovery.
  • Do not send cash by mail.
7.   Billing Information :
With your payment, please indicate your
  • full name,
  • full address (country, city, street, postal code),
  • email address (mandatory),
  • your telephone number, to quickly reach you if needed.
All orders paid for by Money Order or Western Union will be "email" to clients.
8.   Mailing address :
Send your order form, with payment by money order, to

      Globo Exchange
      110 Boteler, # 1001
      Ottawa, Ontario
      Canada, K1N 8W8
9.   If you need further assistance :
We want you to be a satisfied client. If you need further assistance
or if you feel that our service doesn't meet your expectations, Contact  Us.
We will tray to solve your problem.

Office hours: 9am to 6pm EST, Monday to Friday. Statutory Holidays Excluded.
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